Long Overdue

If you know someone who works at an airline, you probably know that there are some serious perks that come with the job. Being able to pick a city and travel at the drop of a hat for a minimal price is pretty incredible. Cole started at his job about 8 months ago; in the beginning we weren’t able to travel as much as we would have liked because we were busy planning our wedding, but we have quickly made up for it these past few months after the wedding.

Recently, Cole and I found ourselves recapping the trips we have been on and all the funny stories that resulted from flying “non-revenue”. We recalled all the adventures we had experienced in such a short time and realized that we didn’t want to forget these stories. That is when the idea of a blog came to life. What better way to remember the stories, cities, and food we experienced then to share them with the world! In the following posts, I want to recap the incredible places we have already visited in the past few months. We hope you enjoy!

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