So back in January, I was desperate for a beach day. I had just started my new job and already needed a getaway. We decided it would make sense to save a night in the hotel and just go early Saturday morning. We took the first flight out and with the time change on our side – we were at the beach by 10:30 – doesn’t get much better than that. The Cancun airport has a “Air Margaritaville” (brilliant idea) so while you are waiting on your baggage or transportation, you can get your vacation started right away.

Cole and I got a great deal for the Westin Spa & Resort, which is one of the first hotels on the “strip” in the hotel zone. The hotel had a couple beautiful pools, restaurants and a nice spa. It was definitely a great price for what it offered and I would definitley recommend it for a short trip. We spent the entire day lounging at the pool, drinking fruity concotions and cerveza, and just relaxing.




The ocean was so blue and the waves were pretty large (even though the pictures don’t do it justice). We splashed around in the water, which was suprisingly warm for January and then ended the day with a long walk on the beach. Once we made it back to the hotel after our walk we decided to try one of the Mexican restaurants at the hotel instead of venturing out to Cancun. Since it was such a beautiful evening, we were even able to enjoy our meal on the terrace of the restaurant.

We woke up Sunday morning and headed back down to the pool to enjoy a few last hours at the pool before we had to head back to the airport. Once at the airport, we didn’t have any issues getting on our scheduled flight – however, as we were waiting on the runway to take off, the cockpit informed us that there one of the oxygen tanks was low and we wouldn’t be able to take off. They thought it might be possible to fill up the tank and if there wasn’t a leak that we would be able to fly. Unfortunately, it turned out the tank was leaking and they had to de-boarded the plane. We need we were in trouble and were at risk of not getting home since they would have to rebook everyone on the later flights. While the line quickly grew at our gate, Cole was quick on his feet and realized there was another flight headed back to Atlanta in just a few minutes. We ran to the gate and explained our situation and that we were trying to get home. While the gate agents told us that the flight was about to leave and chances didn’t look good. Fortunately for us, everyone that was on our plane with us were not able to get rebooked on the flight because they all had checked baggage. Since we only had carry-ons, we were given the last two seats on the plane – PHEW!

Overall, our short mini-vacay to Cancun was just what we needed in the middle of winter and I can’t wait to go back again soon!

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