Trip to See the Scotts – Denver, Colorado

During the first weekend of June, we decided to go spend a weekend with Papa John and Mother Theresa (AKA John & Tamara – Cole’s parents 🙂 ).We thought it would be a nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day, Tamara’s birthday and Father’s day all in one. However, little did we know, Cole’s parents thought our impromptu & short visit was for a very different reason. They picked us from the airport and we went out to an Irish Pub near their house in Aurora. As I ordered by beer, I heard a sigh of relief from the end of the table. Cole’s dad had apparently thought we had “big” news to share and that we came to Denver to tell them that I was pregnant. Ever since we told them we were coming to visit earlier that week, they were convinced that was why we were made the short trip out to Denver. Fortunately, that was not the case and we really just wanted to spend some quality time with them!

Saturday morning, Cole’s mom made one of her famous breakfast spreads full of all the delicious treats you could ever want – bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits, fruit and her famous Pecan Sticky Buns – yum. After my food coma, we headed downtown to Punch Bowl Social. PBS is this huge converted warehouse that has 8 bowling lanes and a variety of other games/activities (shuffleboard, foosball, darts, ping pong tables, and arcade games). As if that wasn’t good enough, they specialize in concocting unique drink specials and serving them in a large punch bowl. I was very impressed with the venue and definitely would recommend checking it out. We spent a few hours bowling a few games and sipping on our cocktails. That night, we spent back at Cole’s parents house with his amazing grandparents, Nan & Bub.


That is all for now since I wanted to keep this a short & sweet blog post – especially since I still have a few more months to catch up on 😉

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