House Hunters International – Amsterdam

So a lot has changed since my last blog post – we’ve had quite a busy year which included a move 4,384 miles away from our home back in Atlanta to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

We visited back in July and had our own version of House Hunters International! After exploring what feels like every neighborhood in town, witnessing the stark differences of European city living , and 20+ apartments we finally narrowed it down to 2 places. A few horror stories included stairs so steep there was a bungee cord (a BUNGEE cord) to help pull you up, a 1 bedroom apartment split over 4 stories, apartments with 0 (zero, zilch, nada) closets, and bedrooms barely big enough to fit a bed! Not to mention that we learned verbal agreement that you want an apartment is binding in the Netherlands all proved to make house hunting internationally quite an eventful week!

The two places we fell in love with couldn’t have been more different. One was a quintessential Amsterdam apartment on one of the main canals in the city and the other was a more urban central location but located on the top floor of the building and had a huge outdoor terrace!

The canal house was out of our price range and we weren’t sure they would allow dogs. While the other one was very small (700 sq. feet) and felt like it could have been located in any major city in the world and didn’t have the charm of Amsterdam. Here are a few photos from each:

Canal Apartment: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 900 sq. feet

Urban Escape:  2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 700 sq. feet

After persuading the owner that Lucy is an adorable and well behaved pup (and some successful negotiating on the price), we finally settled on the canal apartment! Cole moved back in August and I just joined him last week. I was able to stay with my current company, which is amazing and we are so excited to be here.

Below are a few photos of our apartment with all of our furniture and belongings moved in!

Living Room
Dining Room & Part of Kitchen
Dining Room & Part of Kitchen
Our Bedroom
Our Bedroom
Back Terrace
Back Terrace

PS I have the best hubby ever – I was still in the U.S. when the furniture arrived and he unpacked everything and did an amazing job decorating 🙂

Can’t wait to keep you all updated on all of our adventures!

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