Southern Weddings – Georgia & SC

In April, we headed back to the states for 2 of our favorite couples’ weddings – My best friend Megan was marrying the man of her dreams Eric on April 9 and week later, I was gaining an incredible sister as my older brother Richard was marrying the love of his life!

Both weddings were absolutely incredible we had so much fun celebrating these four special people in our lives! Here are a few photos from the two weddings:

Megan & Eric – 04.09.2016

Elle & Richard – 04.16.2016

Some family photos

My forever Wedding Date ❤

How amazing are all these wedding photos?! Elle and Richard used Aaron and Jillian photography and I was blown away about how detailed, fun and professional they were! If you’re getting married and looking for the best photographers in the business – I would highly recommend them! Check out their beautiful work at

In between the two weddings, it didn’t make much sense to fly back to Amsterdam for a few days just to turn around and head back home so we took a couple days off work and joined my mom on her beach vacation in Punta Cana. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which was our first all inclusive experience. We had an amazing time relaxing by the water and the food was really good! There were so many options (hibachi, Italian, steakhouses, and much more!). As a hotel nerd, I was amazed at the size of the hotel (over 1700 rooms) and how full it was. anyone considering an all-inclusive, I would highly recommend looking at the Hard Rock Punta Cana – the rooms are large, facilities are great and the spa was incredible!


Flying back to Amsterdam on standby following my brother’s wedding proved to be quite a mess – at 4 AM, we drove from Beaufort to Charleston, flew from Charleston to Detroit (getting the last 2 seats on the flight), Detroit to MSP, and then finally MSP to AMS. But we made the most of our day and during our short layover in Minneapolis, we explored the city for a couple hours – even stopping for a Juicy Lucy at The Nook (absolutely delicious – thanks Triple D!)


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