Tulip Season – Amsterdam

I realized I haven’t posted many photos from our weekends exploring Amsterdam. I promise we actually stay here some weekends and will devote a future post to some of our favorite memories and parts of town in the future!

One of the best weekends we’ve had in the Netherlands was when Cole, Lucy and I went to explore the tulip fields in April. Many of you may have heard about Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens that has over 7 million flowers! The problem is that it’s only open for a couple months during the spring so the garden is packed with tourists and you can barely move through it on the weekends. We decided to skip Keukenhof and find our own tulip fields in the outskirts of town.

We took the train to Haarlem and then biked south on the Leidsevaartweg road down to Vogelenzang. While the tulip fields really just started to pop up as we got to Vogelenzang, Lucy couldn’t keep going after the 10km ride.

The flowers and fields were absolutely incredible – the flowers lined up in perfect lines, the rainbow of colors, and the never ending fields made it an absolutely beautiful sight.

Here are a few photos from our adventure! I can’t wait for next year and plan to spend an entire day biking through the various towns.



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