Meandering through Maastricht

Cole and I took a weekend trip to southern Netherlands to visit a town called Maastricht. What should have been a 3 hour train ride, turned into an almost 5 hour journey with 7 trains and a bus (thanks GVB), but it was all worth it when we made it just in time for sunset Friday evening.

Fun fact, Maastricht is where the European Union was created when the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992. It also has the second highest number of national heritage sites in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam.


We spent that night and the following Saturday exploring this charming city, walking along the cobble stone streets with Lucy and enjoying the warmer weather.


I forced Lucy to be our model for the weekend and made her do a few too many photo shoots around town 🙂

I was so pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the city was and would definitely like to go back to enjoy some more delicious beer from De Gouverneur’s beer bible menu or relax in the quaint town square.


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