Hop down to Melbourne

Tuesday’s weather in Sydney was supposed to be terrible – an absolute downpour. Thanks to jet lag, Cole and I woke up early around 5am and we were hanging out trying to decide how to avoid the rain. We then came up with a genius idea, why not fly to Melbourne where the weather was supposed to be beautiful. When planning our trip, we had originally wanted to make Melbourne part of our Australia itinerary but decided we were squeezing too much in. However, an impromptu day trip sounded like a great way to get a taste of the city. There are flights basically every 30 minutes from Sydney but the first one that looked promising was at 10:30am. We still had plenty of time before heading to the airport so got ready and then grabbed breakfast nearby in the business district. I even made my TV debut as we passed by their local version of the Today morning show, Sunrise, and I was waving like a lunatic to get on the show.

The coffee culture in NZ/Australia is no joke – seriously became obsessed during our trip
Can you spot the Natastritch?!

After breakfast, we headed to the airport and made the flight at 11am meaning we would arrive in Melbourne around lunchtime. We decided to rent a car so we could check out as much of the city as possible in our short visit. We parked in downtown where the city was bustling with everyone on their lunch breaks. We grabbed lunch and beers at James Squire pub before walking around the downtown. The weather was definitely better than Sydney as it was over 90 degrees and bright sunny skis! We walked along the water, checking out some of the restaurants before deciding to head over to St Kilda beach.107_2121_2120_2108_2


We cooled off in the water and hung around for a bit before we had to head back to the airport to take one of the last flights of the day. Our trip to Melbourne was very short, but it was great to quickly check it out and get a taste of the city.

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