Tot Ziens Amsterdam

Unfortunately, our time living in Amsterdam had to come to an end. Sadly, sooner than we originally anticipated as Cole received an incredible promotional opportunity to move to London, which required a relatively quick move. Fortunately, with my company’s headquarters based out of London, the move to England meant I could continue to advance my career as well. It was a win-win and seemed like an easy decision – it also meant we could continue our adventures living abroad for a couple more years!

From navigating countless canal boat rides to exploring the city by bike to showing the city to our US friends and family to stuffing stroopwaffels in our faces to meeting new friends – the nearly 2 years in Amsterdam were truly some of the best of our lives.

We have so many unforgettable memories and wonderful experiences from our time in Amsterdam. More importantly, we met some of the most incredible people who we are fortunate to call our friends. I know wherever we end up in the world, we will stay in touch with those we met in Amsterdam.

I cannot sum up the love I have for the Amsterdam in a single post, but hopefully a few of my favorite photos from the past 6 months in the Dam will help explain why I love the city so much and why it will always have a special place in my heart.

008 BW.jpgAmsterdam 3.jpgIMG_7889 (1)Amsterdam.jpg058_v3_L065.jpg047.jpgIMG_5857IMG_6228002 (3).jpg

Last but certainty not least, here are some of my favorite photos of just some of the good times we’ve had with friends in Amsterdam.




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