Sailing through Sardinia aboard the Hot Wind

As you may remember, last year we spent one of the best weeks of our lives sailing around the Croatian islands with our friends. It was so much fun that we knew we had to do it again and begun planning yacht week 2017 almost a year ago!

For this year‘s trip, after impressive PowerPoint pitches and careful deliberation, we decided on Sardinia – an island off the western coast of Italy.

We headed to the airport in style in our matching Hawaiian shirts and we were off to a great start to our trip. After a few too many easy jet bottles of wine, we arrived in Sardinia ready for vacation!


We started in this tiny beautiful port town, Poltu Quatu, where the marina was among these impressive boulders. For the first few days we sailed around various islands in Maddalena, a national park over fifty islands that for the most part have been protected and no commercial development has been allowed.


After a few cove days soaking up the sun and hanging in Pangia (our giant 6 person raft) in the crystal blue waters, we ended up in the town of Maddalena, where we went out rocking our Hawaiian shirts. After dinner, we stumbled upon a cute bar with live music where we sung along and requested some of our favorites, although they sadly didn’t play Tina Turner for us.

It was also Bill and Melissa’s anniversary so we of course continued the tradition of renewing vows!

We then headed north to Corsica, an island right above Sardinia but actually part of France. The sail into Bonifacio was jaw dropping – you ride into this small enclave where the high cliffs hold the town and there’s hundreds of yachts. Our little Hot Wind was quite out of place, next to 150m boats but she held her ground just fine.


For our afternoon in Bonifacio, we rented scooters and headed to a beach not too far away. The ride was beautiful and it was fun to explore just a bit on land. The next morning, we also hiked along the white cliffs of Bonifacio, which was absolutely breathtaking.


Following the success of last year’s Olympic Games, we integrated another version for this year’s trip which would be teams instead of individual performance. We selected the teams randomly and it just turned out to be mixed gender and mixed couples, which made it really fun. One of the teams, Whitney and Bill, went all out with costumes and continue to surprise us all week long!

Sardinia was incredible – the weather was perfect all week with blue skies and the water was crystal clear. Whether it was hanging in Pangia, enjoying apertifs (and digestifs) on the beach at sunset, playing sexual positions, or just wandering around the little towns, this year’s yacht trip was amazing! Can’t wait to see what next year’s hold – Turkey, South East Asia?! You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂




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