Nordic Adventures in Norway

Our chip room crew (our friends who we’ve done a sailing trip the past couple years together), decided it was time to plan a non-boat trip excursion. We investigated possible weekend options before landing on Stavanger, Norway. Stavanger was the perfect weekend getaway for the group as we could arrive from London and Amsterdam Friday night after work and have two full days to explore before we flew back out late Sunday night.

After settling into our adorable Airbnb right on the outskirts of the historical town center, we headed to grab dinner. We found this delicious Italian restaurant, Al Forno Skagen, where I had the biggest calzone of my life. After dinner, we headed to a couple bars before calling it a night as we had big plans for Saturday.

Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for our hike up to Priekstolen (Pulpit Rock), this steep cliff that juts out over the Lysebotn fjords. We grabbed coffee at this adorable restaurant/cafe called Bøker og Børst right on the colourful street of Øvre Holmegate. We grabbed some breakfast nearby and also made sure to get provisions for our hike. To get to Priekstolen from Stavanger, you take an hour ferry ride followed by a short car ride.


The hike was much easier than I expected (and read about online); only the first part is steep while the rest was relatively flat. We made it up in about 2 hours, which included a picnic with arguably one of the best views in the world. We admired the incredible view of the fjords, stood at the edge of the rock (or as close to the edge as our stomachs would allow) and took lots of photos before starting our descent back down. Before hopping on the ferry back to town, we stopped at this dive bar which had a fireplace to warm us up after our adventure.


IMG_2156FullSizeRenderThat evening, we grabbed dinner in town at this delicious restaurant Døgnvill Burger that had been recommended by some locals the night before. It lived up to its hype and we feasted on fries, burgers and milkshakes. After dinner, we headed back to our Airbnb to watch the UGA Florida game. Everyone cheered on the dawgs with us and they pulled off a glorious win over our arch nemesis.

Sunday morning we woke up early again and got ready for our second adventure of the weekend – a cruise around the fjords! The cruise lasted around 3 hours and was absolutely breathtaking. It was a surprisingly sunny day and even though the temperature was pretty chilly, the stunning views and surprise rainbows made it all worth braving the cold temperatures. After the cruise, we grabbed a late lunch at this delicious Thai restaurant, Thai Nong Khai, before heading to the airport.FullSizeRender


While the trip was only 48 hours, we had such a great time and can’t wait to go back to explore Norway more.

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