Apres Ski in Austrian’s St Anton

We had heard about St. Anton and its infamous apres ski ever since we moved to Europe. Located only about an hour outside of Innsbruck and is a charming village with quintessential Austrian architecture.

We headed there for a short ski weekend in February with some friends – The Antillas and Brian. Cole and I arrived a day earlier than them and had a day in Innsbruck. We lucked out as the weather was beautiful with clear blue skies, allowing us to take in the gorgeous mountain views overlooking the city. We walked around the historic town center, enjoying the gorgeous colored buildings and cafes. We ate at this delicious fresh deli shop and then walked along the river, stopping into the Markthalle, eyeing the fresh fruit, meats, and cheeses across the various stalls. That evening, we ate at Stiftskellera Bierhall to have some of our favorite dishes – Weiner Schnitzel!

The next morning we got up early, picked up our rental car and started the drive out west. Since we couldn’t get into our Airbnb until early afternoon, we decided to continue our drive past St. Anton and head to Liechtenstein, a tiny country (only 25 km long!) squeezed in between Switzerland and Austria. We had a delicious lunch in the town center (and really the only town in the country haha) and then hiked up to the castle at the top of the hill. We enjoyed the views and then headed back towards St. Anton.

Over the next couple days, the guys tried to make the most of skiing in less than ideal conditions and Whitney, adorable Dommy Lee, and I enjoyed exploring the adorable Austrian town. I got to experience some of St. Anton’s infamous apres ski at Krazy Kanguruh up in the mountains. Whitney and I also enjoyed a mini spa day at Arlberg-well.

The highlights of the long weekend were the singing along to the fantastic live music at Murrmel, enjoying a delicious fondue dinner at ‘The Train‘, and spending time with friends in beautiful Austria!

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